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Absence and Lateness Reporting

If you are running late or you are not able to attend college due to sickness or any other reason, you must contact the College.

  • Absence must be reported as soon as you know you will be absent
  • Please contact your Admin Team before 8.45am on each day of your absence
  • You will need to provide your name, Student ID, course and the reason for your absence
Please complete the form below to report your absence.



You can also find the contact details for Admin Teams below.  

Please note:

  • Appointments for the doctor/dentist should be made outside of lesson times wherever possible
  • Check the College calendar for term dates to help with planning holidays. Exams

    and tests take place throughout the year
  • Keep us informed of your contact email and mobile number, so we can continue to

    keep you updated.  These can be updated via ProPortal.
  • Absences can also be reported via ProPortal by clicking on the 
    ‘Submit Documented Absence Request’ link in the information menu 
    and completing relevant details. 
    This should be completed by 8.45am on the first and every following day 
    of absence and will be reviewed by your relevant Admin Team.

Admin Teams

Air & Space Institute and Engineering Admin Team

All Air and Space and Engineering students and apprentices.


01522 876214

Apprenticeships & Pathways Admin Team

Students in Access to HE, Business, ESOL and Supported Education
Apprentices in Business and the Care services

Access to HE, Business, Social Science, Apprentices in Business and the Care services APPA@lincolncollege.ac.uk



Supported Ed


01522 876258

Construction and Building Services Admin Team

All construction students and apprentices


01522 876348

HEART, Health and Care Admin Team

Students in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Performing Arts, Media, Care, Early Years, Photography and Arts
Students and apprentices in Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy


01522 876331

Higher Education Admin Team 

Students in Animal Care, Computing and Electronics, Sports sector, Complementary Medicine, Musical Instrument Craft


 01522 876360

Study Programmes Admin Team

Students in A levels, English and Maths, Policing, Public Services


01522 876312