Get prepared for Clearing. Lincoln College is still accepting applications for September 2022 start.

Clearing is the process higher education providers (like us) use to allocate remaining places on their undergraduate courses. A student may be looking to enter via clearing due to many reasons, including if a student:

  • Didn’t get into their firm or insurance university choice

  • Didn’t get any offers when they first applied
  • Don’t want the provider they have been offered and want to self-release into Clearing
  • Were unsure about university during the first round of applications or hadn't applied

Clearing runs from 5 July 2022 until 19 October 2022. A-Level Results Day, which is Thursday 18 August 2022 this year, is one of the busiest days during Clearing. This is because this is when applicants awaiting their results learn if they have met the conditions of their offer.

Call our Clearing Team on 030 030 32435 or email to speak with an advisor.

Visit our Clearing Page  for more information.