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If you are looking for an apprenticeship there are two routes:

  1. Finding an Employer who is happy to take you on as an Apprentice, where you would work with them for a minimum of 30 hours per week
  2. Applying for one of our advertised Apprenticeship vacancies on the Lincoln College website


We would encourage you to regularly check our Apprenticeship vacancies that are advertised on behalf of employers. Our vacancies are regularly updated and may change on a daily/weekly basis so we advise to frequently check, in case vacancies are listed which may be of interest to you. 

View our current Vacancies here


Any queries regarding gaining an Apprenticeship, please contact the Apprenticeships team on apprenticeships@lincolncollege.ac.uk or call 01522 876284.


As an Apprentice, you will pay no course fees. However, your employer may have to pay towards your training as well as providing you with a wage. All Apprentices are entitled to the national minimum apprentice wage within their first year of training from their employer, although they can, and often do, pay more. In the second and subsequent years of an Apprenticeship programme, if you are aged 19 or over, the national minimum wage for your age would apply.

National Minimum Wage Rates


If you have sourced an employer yourself, rather than applying for an Apprenticeship vacancy through the above link, please contact our Business Development Team via employers@lincolncollege.ac.uk or call 01522 876285 so that we can get in touch with the employer and ensure that you have a place on an Apprenticeship.